I’m a coffee head. One might even say I drink too much throughout a day and to be fair, the wanted effect of waking me up does not kick in any more. But who needs that when it’s so delicious?

When I moved to London, I was overwhelmed with the amount of coffee shops in this city. Of course I knew a couple from previous visits, but coming from a VERY small town in Germany the possibilities to spend money on this life saver called coffee were just too many. Don’t get me wrong, there is always the usual Starbucks or Costa or Pret around the corner, but for me it has to be a place where I can and want to sit for more than just a couple of minutes, where I can work if I have to or just read a book or simply watch people walk by and take my mind off things.

Following some lovely recommendations, I quickly found THE coffee chain for me. Grind was founded in Shoreditch in 2011 and has grown into a little enterprise with 4 coffee bars and 4 restaurants around London. They roast their Grind Espresso blend in their Shoreditch headquarter and the best thing is: you can even buy their beans for your own coffee maker at home!

There are Café Bars and restaurants and as telling as the categories are, the restaurants also serve a range of delicious food, while the café bars stick to very tasty coffee (and non-coffee) drinks.

I mostly like to go to one of their shops if I have some work to do and need a place other than home to actually get something done. There’s WiFi, there a sockets and they serve coffee – what more do you need? After 6, „laptops are switched for cocktails“ and man, they are equally delicious.

There are eight Grind shops across London, open seven days a week. The restaurants have a delicious brunch menu on weekends, but make sure to reserve a table to not be disappointed. It can be reeeeeeally busy!

And now I fancy one of their coffees. Perfect.