Another „review“ for you because I absolutely adore this show. I just got back from seeing another two performances in the UK so I thought I’d share this with you.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert is a very successful Australian film by Stephen Elliot about two drag queens Tick and Felicia and a transexual Bernadette, wo go on a journey across the desert from Sydney to Alice Springs in their „budget Barbie camper van“ they call Priscilla.

In 2006 Elliot and Allan Scott adapted the movie script and made it into a musical, which since then was performed in several cities across the globe including a run on Broadway and a two-year stop at the Palace Theatre in London. The show went back on tour in the UK in August last year and will finish in Oxford in June, so if you haven’t seen it yet, there’s still time 🙂


I first saw the show in Wimbledon last year and loved it from the first second until the end! It features some iconic dance hits that are cleverly intertwined into the story such as Go West, Colour My World, I Will Survive or Hot Stuff, but besides all the feel-good songs and colorful costumes (and there are many! And man are they colorful!) it tackles a very serious topic of how people that are ‚different‘ are treated and the homophobic hatred that can exist.


The cast are all extremely talented! The ensemble is a joy to watch and transport so much energy throughout the entire show. Duncan James, Jason Donovan and Daren Day share the role of Tick aka Mitzi, who is off to Alice Springs to meet his 6-year old son for the first time, and play alongside Simon Green as Bernadette . The star of the show has to be Adam Bailey for me though – but then again, I’m biased 😉 – who plays Adam/Felicia, a young drag queen, who just wants to have the most possible fun. He’s just incredible!

If you fancy a good night out with friends, have a laugh or two (or three… or more… you get my point) and sing & dance along to some well known classics – this show is for you. I have some more shows booked along this tour and I can’t wait to go again!